Environmental Assessment Services, LLC (EAS) is a nationally known, scientific environmental characterization company based in Eastern Washington since 2005. We specialize in bringing state-of-the art sampling techniques and technologies, environmental experts, and a proven track record of solid field performance to tackle complex scientific challenges; comply with regulatory requirements; and monitor, protect, and restore natural resources while maintaining operational objectives. We have safely performed more than 200,000 worker hours and 2,000 boat-days often in extreme environmental conditions such as working at night and in remote areas using multiple high-risk sampling techniques including—boating, SCUBA/snorkeling, electro-fishing, and work underground. We have the equipment and facilities needed to provide one-stop environmental characterization services. We hire and team with some of the most renowned environmental scientists in the country to provide environmental characterization expertise. Our quality work products pivot upon performing scientifically sound studies in the following key service areas:

Brett Tiller

CEO/Principal Scientist

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